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November 26, 2015 Hyun J. (June) Park, PT, DPT I have noticed that over the past few years concussions have received a great deal of attention. If you haven’t suffered one personally I will bet that you know at least one or two other people who have. The issue that is...

Nyloxin Pain Relief

Nyloxin How It Works Millions suffer from acute or chronic pain every year and the effects of pain exact a tremendous cost on our country in health care costs, rehabilitation and lost worker productivity, as well as the emotional and financial burden it places on...

Holiday “Gift of Health”

When getting together with family and friends this holiday season, give them the best gift they can use. Their health! Call the office at 913-649-4045 and schedule an appointment for them to receive a consultation with Dr. Holtfrerich, exam and x-ray’s if needed...


“Rack pull” deadlift To commence this discussion, I would like to make the following statement. Unless you are a powerlifter, weightlifter or cross fit athlete, you probably have no need to pick a weight up off the floor. Most of us do not have the...

How to Treat Shin Splints

How to treat shin splits Sports Injuries Guidebook Common causes Shin splints and medial tibial stress syndrome (a more severe form of shin splints) are caused by an inflammation of the periosteal sleeve of tissue surrounding the tibia. This type of injury frequently...

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